What We Do

Knowledge Transformation

New, decent English medium schools - To open them up to discover their true potential

In June 2018, Miracle kids were changed to decent schools - Aurbindo Public school (CBSE), Sahakarnagar: 16 kids: 1-8 grades and George English school (State), Kempapura: 3 kids: 9-10 grades.
Outcome: Kids are liking school and have improved even as it is work-in-progress; school has the belief.

Bridge educational deficit

Coming from disadvantaged background, 80% of kids had deficit of one to three grades in terms of English reading and comprehension, Math skills and subject knowledge.
Initiative: Mediated Home study, English reading program, Math skills enhancement, regular follow up etc.

Outcome: Greater awareness of kid-wise strengths and gaps, skill building & importance of mediated home study. It is work-in-progress and practice needs to be sustained. Kids are gaining confidence.
All kids have been promoted to the next grade; one will need a re-test. Almost all kids have shown academic improvement over the year

Transformation of Physical and emotional well-being

Better Nourishment and care

  • Healthy growth of children is dependent on right food and nutrition. This also enables them to be more productive at school. Glass of milk in the morning and after school, meals with balanced nourishment have helped children become healthier.
  • Additional two bath-cum-toilets have been made enabling better hygiene and convenience.

Nurturing lifelong values

Responsibility, discipline, helping one another, honesty, good citizenship and other virtues are imbibed by children along with love and care given at Miracle home.
Daily prayer time, celebration of festivals while understanding their significance, learning by demonstration and open discussions are the means deployed for Miracle kids to imbibe Values.
It is a wonder and delight to see the 22 kids at Miracle home for their sense of goodness, eagerness to learn and affection. They are positive and support one another in studies.

Way we celebrated New year

Discussing the significance of New year resolution, we asked what is the Promise they would like to make to themselves and to their parents. There was no hesitation among the kids to share their promise ! Here is the summary of the Areas of Promise they made; hopefully they will learn to keep their promise !!